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Sunday, May 29, 2011


So today I waved goodbye to my mum as she took a plane to greece for the next few months.  So its just me and my dad.  Unfortunately my cat is still sick.  He's definitely getting better though but its weighing down on me as he isnt eating properly and he pretty much just sat in my parents bedroom refusing to do anything else.  Now he's actually shifting from one bedroom to the next, eating a little, and just now he went outside.  His nose is also moist again which means he's getting better.  Dry nose means sick and it was very dry for a few days.

I went and bought myself a new toy today.  Because I have an uber camera I wanted a simple point and click one that didnt take a while to set up.  So after much reading of reviews, and basically only a day left on the 20% sale that was happening, I decided on a specific 3.  The Sony DSC-TX5, Sony DSC-HX5v, and the panasonic DMC-ZS7.  These cameras are pretty awesome and not that expensive.  Sadly the store didnt have ANY of these.  Funny huh?  More like TYPICAL!  But what they did have was the sony TX7, the upper model of the original one I wanted.  Spec wise it was pretty similar and amazingly around the same price.  Apparantely the 5 had been discontinued.   My friend has the TX9, also extremely similar to the tx7, which is..well..its amazing.  Far better then I expected.  The colours when it takes photos, it slaps you in the face with how amazing they are, and I've screwed around with a lot of cameras.  Also the video it takes is stunning.

So I decided on the TX7 as thats the only one they had and the girl apparantely loved me.  She did some discounts that were unreal.  She made one amount and asked me if I was happy with that.  I said yes because it was pretty good and lower then I expected.  And she's like ok, and slaps off another $40.  I was like wtf..  So yeah, she totally wanted me lolololol.  Heres a picture of the camer.

Its pretty tiny, light, and the back is just a huge LCD touchscreen.  The pictures it takes are VERY fast, which means less blurr in photos.  Its also amazing in low light, especially with video recording.   Amazon has it listed for around $260.  I'd like to point out the TX9 is only a few dollars more, so probably better to just go with the 9 IF you were considering going with this unit.  For those interested I've placed a link below for a review of it.  This site is brilliant if you're after info on a camera you're interested in buying.  Easily my favourite of the lot I know.  The TX10 came out recently, does a few extra things more, but also has waterproof and shockproof.  Thats pretty awesome.  Especially waterproof.  Goes around $320 or whatever I think.  I really would of liked a waterproof one.

Well its sleep time.  Got work in 4hours.  Trying to figure out why I still bother going.  Oh yeah, money..  /wrist


  1. a sad as it is i can say that title

  2. Make sure to mention if anything else happens with your kibby ;-; I know a lot about cats. Random fact, a tiny slice of aspirin is safe for a cat if not given again for a few days :P

    ...yay perks. It's not using unless you promise something.

  3. take random photos so we can see the quality, please...

  4. I LIEK the sound of that camera! All the ones I have had in the past have been shitty, expensive and extremely flimsy. It's probably just bad luck..... probably.