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Thursday, May 26, 2011


So I've been trying to get used to this uber camera that I bought last year.  I'll admit I havent spent much time with it but its really hard to get used to.  Soooo not noob friendly.  So I took a few pics of the garden that mum wanted to have printed out to take with her to greece on sunday to show my grandmother.  So I thought HEY I've never tried printing photos with my printer, I should try that!  Got like 3 blank photo paper to test on.  So BOOM I went for it!  Screwed up each one haha.  Will take them to get printed out at the store tomorrow.  I need more time figuring out how crap works.

Today I was informed of this cool app for smartphones by a friend of mine called Whatsapp.  It works the same as sending someone an SMS, but instead of using your chat costs it instead uses your bandwidth.  So anything who has unlimited bandwidth, this is awesome.  Obviously you both need to have this to chat with it, but its pretty awesome.  And especially if you're smsing someone overseas.  Send pics through it too.  Testing away with my friend in spain, sending pics back and forth, its all fast and pretty cool.

The other day I got in a new toy. Check it out. It guards my desk lolol


  1. I could trade you my camera; it's way too easy for a good quality camera. It's good at taking pictures of everything but what I photograph.

    and wtf is that

  2. 'tis an ornithological creature with temper issues.

  3. CORRECT! The red bird from angry birds.

  4. I want Voltorb with a nose.