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Monday, May 23, 2011

Part 2

Oh my little scamps, Jeds finally tossed me his edited version of our playthrough for the second clip in our Portal 2 gameplay.  And as usualy I'm giving you all a little advanced screening before I put it live on youtube for everyone else because you all remind me of little chocolate cream cakes that I just want to eat.

So moving on from that creepy intro, today was a good day, despite getting 3 hours  of sleep before work.  I had one person I helped call me a Gem, another say they loved me, and a third say I was the best tech support they ever received and that their daughter was free for marriage.  Ok, maybe the daughter bit I made up but that would be pretty cool.  Anyway, today is the video clip.  Tomorrow I'll bring up the rest of the rubbish.  Here you go.


  1. On almost every game you've been in that is on youtube, you get killed a lot in them

  2. Thats cause I'm screwing around. The games where I die little are the ones I play serious in and those would be super boring to put up.

  3. Nice palythrough OuO
    and also I do love being one of your Little Scamps ^.^

  4. Little Scamps?

    o3o Like Lady gaga's 'little monsters'.

    :O only you don't wear ugg-boots made out of bacon.

    >3< I always do love these playthroughs :D

  5. True, but its the main thing I seem to notice :S

  6. ...bah, thanks blogspot. /erases

    Semi-random question for long does it take you to get used to new controls for a game? I never play many games, and I'm scared to even try L4D2 again after, well...let's say my kill count at each safe house was 25. Kinda wonder if it's something I'll catch onto or if I should avoid everything but my Spyro games?

  7. Depends on the game. I'm pretty good at adapting since I bounce back and forth from pc and console. Dunno about Jed. I'd say he's REALLY CRAP lol