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Friday, September 30, 2011


So I'm pretty frustrated.  Took my cat to the vet today after a week of him going half crazy.  Constantly scratching his ears, tore up parts of himself here and there because of it.  Not ignoring that a couple weeks back I took him in for an infected bite mark.  So I had to leave him there all day today which was fairly horrible for the both of us I'm sure.  More for me since he would of been asleep for most of the time.  I pretty much didnt sleep and took him in the morning.  They said to call in the afternoon and see how he is.

So I called up and they recommend I leave him there overnight because he's still very groggy from everything.  Now this I've never done before.  That cat is super important to me so leaving him in some strange place, even if he's mostly zombied during it, isnt something I like.  And then the cake was served, the bill will be $900.  Not the most I've paid in 1 go, last one was $1300 for a massive issue he had quite a few years back.  So adding the $300 I spent a couple weeks ago on him, and probably 1-2 more checkup trips which will be around $100 or whatever each, my wallet has decided it hates me.  Goodbye to the sound system I was planning to buy my parents this week that I'd been saving for.  Not working at the moment isnt helping either.  Thats a shitload of money.  But I'd still pay if it was $2000.  Time to cut back on a few things I was planning on getting till I get a job again.  Financial death has come for me.


  1. I hope it isn't anything serious with him :(

  2. His ears were constantly itchy and he'd scratch non stop, ripping away at his skin. So his ears and parts of his cheeks had been ripped at. They had to clean his ears, gave him 5 injections, treated his wounds, cleaned his teeth, and trimmed his claws which were pretty fucking long. Leaving him overnight at the vet is something I am having trouble handling. When my dad heard how much it cost he said next time we're putting him down, he doesnt need people saying he's stupid for wasting that much money on a cat. Told him to keep thinking that. I'm the one fucking paying so screw you. If the next bill is 2 grand, I'll pay 2 grand and you'll fucking like it. End of discussion.

  3. That's harsh saying to put him down D: I really do hope he gets better, he's an awesome cat

  4. It sounds to me like an allergy. Request amoxicillin.

    I could be completely wrong, but...I might not be. Feel his ears, if they're roasty toasty then it's definitely inflammation of some sort. I know I'm still getting flare-ups of poison ivy and I want to rip my own skin off every time.

    Amoxicillin is what my cat takes every once in a while when her flea allergies get bad. It's pretty amazing how well it works.

    Only other theory would be something like a circulatory problem, where he's not getting enough blood flow to his extremities and therefore they've constantly got an irritating feel to them...but unless the tip of his tail is also being ripped apart, it's probably not that.

    If you can't get Amoxicillin for whatever reason...Zyrtec (cetirizine as a generic), if you cut a bit off of a dose, is safe for cats. So long as there's no overdose and it's only given every couple days. But not sure of the effectiveness. Aspirin in minute amounts is also safe. I can testify for the safety of both in small amounts.

    People don't seem to understand, when you love your pet you'd do almost anything for them...

  5. The vet gave me some kind of cream to rub on his injuries. Never done that before. Fingers crossed he'll be fine soon. Vet said he had an infection in his ear which was making him do all the scratching. If your cat has flea problems you should get Advantage. The stupid thing goes under a different name in australia which really was hard to figure out. You put that stuff on the back of his neck and you watch the fleas just start dying after a day or so. Next 3 months he'll have nothing. Keep putting it on every 3 months at least and no fleas ever ever ever. It not only kills fleas but the eggs in the carpet etc.

  6. This cat knows there's a global recession goin' on, right? >_>

    It better start earning its damn keep and get things done around the house.

  7. Advantage here costs quite an amount, and even with it her allergies keep up. If any fleas bite her, even one flea, her skin breaks out.

    I hate money issues. I should buy a farm of sheep and make my own money from their wool.