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Thursday, September 22, 2011

New magic

So the past couple days have been fairly eventful.  Today I found out a folder I sent back to be replaced was received by the useless company and they sent me the replacement on the 9th.  So hopefully in a week or two I'll have it.  I still have not received the stuff I bought for my mum but I'm hopeful they'll turn up tomorrow.  If it doesnt then I'll have to wait till monday which is a real bitch.  Company said if its not here by wednesday then to call them.  Luckily they're Australian so I have less of a reason to stress.  Unfortunately yesterday I got my dads gift and the piece of shit doesnt work.  The switch broke after my second test of it so I have to send it back tomorrow for a repair.  Thats like the worst thing that can happen, a gift coming in dodgy.  Oh well.  More patience is required from me.

A few entertaining things happened.  I mentioned the other day how my friend and I plan to make some more videos of our old action figure days, reminiscent of the first video I uploaded on tuesday.  Today we filmed one and it was a blast.  I'll edit it all together tomorrow and hopefully it turned out as good as I hoped.  Damn camera sometimes wouldnt focus on a close object, but I guess that'll add to the cheesy non professional look I was hoping for.

One other thing that surprised me is he also wanted to start up a random comic.  We'd spoke about it in the past but all my ideas were pretty bold ones that would need a lot of effort in drawing the whole story out.  And since Jed and I already have one of my ideas running, albeit slowly, he wanted to do one that pretty much had zero point to it, just done for fun.  So we tossed some ideas in for quick simple comic strips.  Sometimes they'll be random, most times they probably wont be funny as we arent going for academy jokes.  Its just BLAH on paper.  So heres the first one.  We'll be slapping up more since these are pretty easy to churn out.  So at least maybe 2 of you might gain some entertainment from this.

I've placed his blog link here before but here it is again so you all know who I'm talking about.  He likes to collect and draw too.  If the character in the comic has a passing resemblance to Yuri Sakazaki from King of Fighters, its because it might be here.  We havent thought up a name for the comic yet, but we tossed around some like Yuri's Adventures etc.  Its not going to be completely about her but she'll be in it.  If you have any ideas feel free to slap them up.


  1. That last panel is completely adorable. :D

  2. I wish I didn't know people like this but I do. Haha anytime a new special paint job hits a console he has to be trade in everything to get it...he might even lick them..

    Great art though! I want to see more! -Jed