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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The beast shall be built

So I recently got my pc upgrade parts.  Its been 4 years and a couple games are starting to struggle at max and I dont like that.  Probably NOT the smartest of moves upgrading now since I'm not working, but I saved a little since I knew I wasnt planning on being there for long.  Tomorrow morning I'll start putting this monster together.  Hopefully things go well and nothings DOA and the stupid new pc works as it should.

Yesterday I also finally bought a steam mop.  Its a new model from Black and Decker, claims 99.9% germs killed with just steam.  Because my cats been sick so much lately I've been wondering if it was the amount of detergent I've been putting into mopping.  So I grabbed this and gave it a whirl today and I must say I'm super impressed.  It took everything off the floor.  Like everything.  I'm not sure if my mum will like the idea of using it since she's old fashioned, but we'll see when she gets back in 4 weeks.  Lord knows its so much easier then a damn mop.  Happy mothers day mum.

Jed has informed me he's almost finished the next portal clip.  Who knows maybe he'll send me a link to download it today or tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it since there was a period during our game where I wasnt recording because I forgot to start, so I want to see that part from his angle.  I cant remember anything about that part since its been so long ago.

In the meantime heres a really old photoshopped picture of me I found recently.


  1. I agree with the mop hating, there useless I would rather scrub the floor on my hands and knees.

  2. make a video on showing this new beast or a test video showing the witcher 2 on max

  3. My machine is currently filled with dust bunnies and chicken bones...