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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Of all the luck

Its like nothings going as it should lately.  My dad had a cold recently and lo and behold I now have it.  While I only felt ill for a day or two, I am now stuck with the magical nose that does not stop running.  Its absolutely destroying me.  Trying to talk on the phone is like a comedy show.

Also the stuff I bought for my mum were sent last monday and I still do not have them.  I'm sorry but it takes me 4 hours to fly from here to the bottom of my country.  HOW THE FUCK is it still not here!  This is why our post service sucks.  I'm usually really patient by postal has been fucking with me lately.  Still havent received the thing I bought for my dad either.  So god damn slow.  Hopefully tomorrow everything slams in at once.

Trying to get another gift for my mum through this site in America since the item isnt available here, I wont get into the bullshit $91 postage price I have to pay for something thats only 4pounds in weight and 12" tall.  But thats how postage works.  No, the stupid thing thats giving me grief is the online order form that refuses to work properly.  So I'm having to do the endless back and forth emails to sort this crap out.  Hopefully today I get this started cause my mum returns in 9 days and I want everything sorted.

While I'm in the process of bitching, I bought a folder a couple months ago through ebay so I can store my art in.  This is a proper store, not just on ebay, but they sell through there too.  So I finally get my book and its the wrong size.  They expect me to mail it back.  So I did, which cost me more money, and I have yet to hear back from them.  This is the worst part about ordering from overseas.

Well I'll just stop ranting there.  Got a few things to share though and thats hopefully today I'll be able to play something with Jed and possibly Cody too.  If you all watched that video I first uploaded with the action figures, my friend who was in that has decided it would be pretty fun to make some more equally stupid ones, so I'll be doing some more of those for your pain...err...pleasure.  Enjoy.


  1. It's cold season, alas. I have one does my dad. And several of my friends. Most of the people on my facebook have a cold.

  2. The joys that come with colds and flu,I not long recovered from a severe tonsillitis

  3. lol hell I think I got a cold too. It is cold season.

  4. I'm from Melbourne and its about 10 degrees and I got a nasty blocked nose that gives me a very bad headache! Australia is like so weird.

  5. Here in Canberra the weather can't make it's damn mind up. It's sunny one second BAM cold and windy BAM sunny and cloudless BAM stormy and rainy BAM bright and sunny again.

    All within one hour. And that's just in the morning as well. And no i'm not exaggerating. That much :)

  6. IT'S NOT A FLU!!!

    Better stock up on ammo and med-kits...

  7. You should have had me mail that to you to save money again!