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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stooges everywhere

So the other day I handed Jed my edited clips for the next portal video.  I enjoyed watching them again since it had been months since we played I'd forgotten half the retarded things we did.  Even one area where I died that I'd forgotten, it was so unexpected my jaw dropped.  So we'll just wait for Jed to do his little bit and hopefully sometime next week it'll be up.

One of the gifts I was getting for my mum has been scratched off the list.  I placed my order last week and was told $90 for postage, which is a little obscene but I grinned and bared it.  So yesterday I called up asking about where it is in the world since it wouldnt let me track it.  Then I'm told they havent shipped it yet because they need to contact my bank for whatever purposes and needed their number off me.  Thats cool.  How about tell me this when I placed the damn order.  So about to put it through and the lady says $150 postage.  I'm like you're fucking kidding me.  Apparently thats the cheapest UPS shipping for this, which is bull.  Told them to cancel the order.  More annoying is they are the only ones who stock this that ship overseas.  So poo.  At least I got one of 2 other gifts I got her.  Second should be in tomorrow hopefully.  I'll take picpics.

In the meantime heres another comic from my friend, Royce!

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  1. I don't understand. I would totally want this.