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Friday, September 16, 2011

So lately I've been going through a bunch of films trying to catch up on stuff.  Some were good, some were bad.  Caught up on some early 80s films I always wanted to see.  Past couple days though its been a couple christmas movies.  Finally watched Polar Express.  I dunno, didnt find it as amazing as everyone made it out to be.   Today I watched Elf.  Actually had me entertained.  But I'm a bit of  a fan of Will Ferrell since I enjoy his style of comedy.

The other day I bought a few gifts to give to my mum.  You could technically think of them as christmas gifts and birthday gifts merged in one.  Her birthdays like a day before christmas too so the choice in gifts I got her should be pretty spot on.  I dont know if I'll get them all next week, depends on how kind the postman is.  But when I get them I'll take some really nice detailed shots since the ones on the net are not impressive enough and too small.  I tell you theres nothing more awesome then buying gifts for people.  Dont know about everyone else but for me it just makes me feel like a mentos in a bottle of coke.  I just feel all jittery and want to explode from the joy and anticipation of seeing their reaction.  I'm probably a special case but thats me.  I fucking love doing it.

Once I see my mothers reaction to these I should get a better idea of what to get for my grandmother.  I havent actually bought her anything before since she lives in a different country to me, in greece, and everytime I want to send her something my parents say not to and so does my grandmother.  Theres 2 kinds of 'dont buy me something'.  The first one is the fake one were they hope you do.  The second is the one where if you do get them something they end up feeling very uncomfortable and a little frustrated because they really dont want you going out of your way for them.  My grandmother is the second one.  But since my grandfather passed away last december I think this will be different.  And knowing that most of my disgusting relatives there wont end up getting anything for her cause they're just...ugh...morons is what they are, and realizing that really upset me.  Only thing I wish I could see would be her reaction to whatever I get her.  I'll hear it on the phone but its not the same.  I still remember how she reacted when I gave her my favourite childhood picture of myself when I last visited, which was also after a long gap of 27 years, her joy at something that simple was astounding to me.  The next morning when I woke up I come down to find she'd managed to get the picture framed and she showed it off me to.   That was unreal.  She said where should she put it?  So I took it and put it on the wall next to her own.  She was so damn happy.  I fucking miss her.  20 hour flight and $2000 plane tickets are what keeps me from seeing her often.  My relatives have no idea how lucky they are.


  1. The simple stuff is usually the best. And is that a pic of your grandma? You look just like her. :)

  2. I think my respect for you just double or quintupled. The same with my grandmum, cousins treat her bad despite all she does for them.

  3. "I just feel all jittery and want to explode from the joy and anticipation of seeing their reaction. I'm probably a special case but thats me. I fucking love doing it." I completely agree with you, Con. It's just an awesome feeling :)

  4. Wow, nobody can say she is not your grandma.