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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Well this weeks been peachy!  Yesterday my team Liverpool squandered a 2-0 lead to lose 3-2 to a lower rated team.  Mind you at this point as a liverpool supporter nothing surprises me and I actually half expect something stupid to happen.

Following with my brilliant week, my sister is back up.  She needs to attend some court hearing on a trumped up charge of assault or something minor.  Basically little rich girl who hates her cause her boyfriend was looking at my sister tried to get into an argument with her and decided this would be fun.  I dont really think this girl realises she's pissing ME off far far more then my sister, and she needs to be careful what she decides to put me through.  Cause I will totally go her with every vicious idea I can think of.  Having to live with my sister for whatever period of time is my complete and total worst nightmare.  So yeah, pray for me!

Icant recall if I mentioned it already but I finally saw Hugo the other day.  Oh how I love that movie.  Cant rant about it enough. Totally and completely magical.  Also seeing Christopher Lee in it was just a blast for me.  Love him so much.  I might do a future post about a bunch of films I like, cause I know how much you all love to be bored!

The other day driving to pick up some YUMMY YUMMY chinese food I decided to have the radio playing and this song came on.  Singer sounded familiar but I couldnt pin it.  The song was pretty nice so I fired up my 'soundhound' app on my phone which rocks, and 10sec later it spits out 'Ordinary day' by Dolores O'Riordan.  Then I was all like BOOM!  Thats the lead singer from The Cranberries!  I had no idea she did solo stuff.  I dont listen to music too often so I miss things.  But yeah, she still sounds awesome.  Back when singers actually sang and didnt use fucking autotune.  Love her voice.

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