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Thursday, March 15, 2012


So all the days just keep on passing.  I've been catching up with all my TV shows that I've wanted to watch, finishing off the recent season of Sanctuary.  Its pretty entertaining for me.  And since I've been knocking away my shows one by one, I FINALLY got to watch Hugo.  That movie is brilliant in every sense of the word.  I loved it so much.  Easily one of the most magical movies ever made.  I'm hoping they release a future bluray version with more extras as the current one is pretty bare bones and doesnt impress me.  I want more.  So fingers crossed for a special edition of it.

My cats pretty much good now.  He's gained back his weight, his injuries are all gone, and he's looking healthy as ever.  So now I can finally start looking for a job.  I've been out for too long sadly and money has been slapping me the wrong way.  I've got a half dozen I'm planning to apply for next week, which means hours and hours of writing pages of replies to all their stupid questions in their applications.  Hopefully my effort doesnt go unrewarded.

Of course as fate has it, one of the 2 statues that I've been twitching for decided to finally come out.  The other one, being the gorgeous 28" Alien statue which I've paid for in advance last august, got delayed till may/june.  But the statue I didnt have the option to pay in advance decided to finally come out the other day and I'm absolutely screwed because I really cant in any intelligent aspect allow myself to spend what little money I have left on it, despite twitching.  I've been after a Thor statue where he has his original outfit.  There have been a few impressive ones in the past but none that made me instantly lunge for it.  Its funny that all the statues I find worth buying, which is ultra rare and I only have 4, have decided to all come out in the last couple years after a decade of staring at upcoming iterations.  I did get a lovely Thor vs Loki statue last year or whenever which is still my crown jewell, but I wanted one of Thor just on his own.  And like I've mentioned before in the past, I'm a massive Thor whore since I was a kid, long before I even read the comics.  And this is the one thats come finally.

Like I said before there are some other really nice ones, but they're all sort of boring.  Either standing there, maybe one arm raised, nothing impressive to look at.  This one though is delicious.  19" tall, and only $270 which is cheap considering.  Sadly I'd have to pay an extra $100 for postage because companies like to rape me like that.  So for the moment I have hope I find a job quickly and hope to all things sexy that its still in stock and everyone hasnt snatched it away.  Pray with me!


  1. Did you ever read the book on which Hugo was based off of, The Invention of Hugo Cabret? I shouldn't say read, due to the fact that more than half the book's pages are just pictures.

    1. Havent had the chance to no, but I plan to check it out at some stage.