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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Precinct 84 ep3

Here you go, finally got around to editing the third one.  And typically youtube decided to be BROKEN so I couldnt upload properly, otherwise this would of been up 2 days ago.  Enjoy.


  1. There was one point where I was like, "DON'T USE THE MOLOTOV", then you owned it...and I began to think, "Con is improving his awesomeness with mollies."

    Also, probably the reason Jed is immortal is because your ping is JUST high enough for you not to see he's not actually where you shot. Lucky him.

    1. My molotov throwing is nigh on legendary in skill. Sadly only the botched ones got uploaded in the past. Why just this week I nailed jed perfectly with a molotov. It saved his life.