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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There is a Snake in my boot.

Well hey look at me! I have the day off! I think today I shall begin work on the next portal clip. I also do some more drawing. Maybe even make a sandwich?..NO! I will marry someone to make me a sandwich.

I was browsing around and found this sweet little number.

Its ok to laugh. We all have this type of work environment at one point of our lives. 

OH! And you guys hear the latest rumors about a "STEAMbox" console made by Valve? Apparently some leaked screen shots of the alpha build of the thing hit the net. Valve denies it of course. Nintendo would have denied working on the WiiU 2 years ago also. But it rumor is to be believed it'll be a pretty sweet machine! After reading around my only reaction to it was..

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  1. Yerrrrrr my favorite deputyyyyyy