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Saturday, March 17, 2012


My favourite movie ever was Alien with Aliens tied equally with it.  I loved them so much when growing up and love them now, can still watch them and be excited and tense like its my first time again.  They're brilliant films.  But now with the new trailer for Prometheus, man I am so pumped for this film.  I havent been this twitchy for a film in forever.  I havent gone to the cinema in years since I'm not happy with their 80s screen technology.  It should be digital by now.  No fucking excuse.  Especially if they're going to charge me $16.  My tv at home gives me better picture and my sound system destroys theirs since it can do True-HD sound.  I'm better off with the bluray.  Though I must be honest I prefer watching movies at home.  No idiots talking, texting on their phones, loud kids etc.  But I'm about to break my no cinema rule with this movie.  I cant wait for it.  June cant come soon enough.


  1. When i first saw the trailer for some reason i thought Dead Space... and thats what made me excited after watching the whole trailer i made my mind to definitely go to this movie when it comes out.

    1. If you've never seen Alien and Aliens, you totally should since its part of that series. Best movies ever made. Dead Space tried to take some things from them.

    2. Oh of course ive seen them. My dad showed them to me when i was younger and they just blew my mind, im hoping this movie lives up to the hype its beginning to acquire, this will be epic im hoping.