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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goodbye hero

Well Jeds given up gaming.  His job finally made him snap, I mean it was inevitable..  He pimp slapped his boss, stole one of the shopping karts, and disappeared down a random allyway with what ever clothes he could grab on the way out, mostly womens clothes because of the section he was passing through...  I guess I should change the blog some.  Rename it from Jed and Cons blog to Hobo formally known as Jed and Cons blog.  So if you ever see a hobo wearing a dress, it could just be Jed.

You will be missed Jed.  Your stench wont, but you will be.  This was the last picture of himself that he sent me.

I'd like to mention that typing 'running hobo' in google images brings up a shitload of pics of womens bags.  I dont even know.  Maybe hobos carry purses?  I mean I know Jed totally does.


  1. The current date makes this funny.

  2. You shall be missed, soldier. *salutes*

  3. I believed it until you said he stole a shopping kart. Lol nice job on April Fools. Tried to survive the day. -.-

  4. You got me there. Hahahaha

  5. HAHAHA! Even if this wasnt April Fools, I would still be funny becuse jed works at walmart, and that really sucks.