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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh the stench...

So my cat was meowing loudly which meant he wanted to go outside to do some magic.  Since its 4am I follow him out to make sure theres no other cats around so he doesnt get into a fight and give me another $500 bill, cause after spending 4 grand this year I'm pretty much over it.  So he goes to the back of the yard which is something he does after.  You see my cat has a little system.  At the front of the yard he does his wee wee, and at the back he does his poo poo.

So anyway I follow him to the back, he digs a small little hole and then squats.  He then lets rip the loudest shit I've ever heard him do.  Further more he totally missed the hole because of the FORCE that sent that shit on its way in semi liquid state.  I was all like DUDE!  And then the smell came.  Jesus I can still smell it now.  Usually it doesnt smell much but this time BAM!  Literally killed me.  I'm still trying to figure out how so much came out of a cat that size.  I know he's been a little sick lately since he's thrown up now and then, so that would explain the liquid state of his grossness.

I'm also considering selling my Panasonic DMC-G2W camera since I'm getting low on funds and really want to buy my Thor statue before it sells out.  Obviously I wont be buying it right now but I can keep an eye on it and once I see the low stock flashing I can be all James Bond and own it.  Plus the extra money will help service my needs till I find a job.  Its a good camera too, will be annoying to sell it since I'll take a pretty big loss on it cause people are cheap bastards sometimes.  But its something I can live without and can buy a super one down the road when I feel the need.  For now my point and click Sony DSC-TX10 will do me just fine.  I use it for my toy videos too.

I've also just finished editing the next L4D  video and plan to upload it tomorrow since I'm heading to bed soon and dont like leaving my pc running when I'm not using it.  So for now I'd like to leave you with some info on Googles new heads-up display.  Its pretty awesome.  Go to the link for info about possible price and release period.



    1. You're not supposed to take that part seriously. Its a play on words lol

  2. Swear to god, I read the title of this post & I immediately thought you were gonna talk about Jed, who somehow got to Australia to see you & the stench of his "Bum" life style of the past 2 days got to you...I can see now that I am Incorrect.

  3. That visor thing freaks me out because it reminds me that my favorite novel is very likely accurate about where technology is heading. Blegh.