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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TV Madness

Been doing my up-most to try and catch up as fast as possible on tv and movie stuff I've had on my list for ages so I can focus on reading books again.  They've both piled up to a stupid height along with games.  Finally almost caught up with all the episodes of Once Upon a Time.  Love how they go and change parts of the fairy tales to fit it.  I'm also a huge fan of Robert Carlyle so that helped.  Planning to busy into the Ray Bradbury Theater series too.  Bunch of his short stories turned into tv episodes.  Legend author.

 Sister called up today and asked if I'd be ok if she brought up her loud stupid little dog.  No fucking chance.  I hate that stupid dog of hers.  Little annoying shitzu that barks at anything that moves.

I also uploaded a new clip the other day, my take on the old end clips from the GI Joe cartoon series where the Joes help out some really fucking STUPID kid from being stupid.  I figured I'd do the opposite.  Gave me much entertainment.  I still need to make an intro for these things.

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