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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Damnit cat

I've been super protective of my cat since his previous horribly expensive near death trip to the vet, keep him in doors all the time, go out into the garden with him when he feels like he needs to relieve himself, basically if I'm awake I'm near him.  So the other day I noticed the bottom part of his jaw was slightly swelled.  It was hard to tell.  The only reason I knew it was something was because he didnt like me touching him there.  Fast forward to the next morning, which I woke up early just to check on him, like 4 hours later, and the swelling had puffed up.  The poor thing kept drooling because of the underside of his lips being pulled down a little from the swelling.

So I thought WTF CAT!  This time its not a fight injury getting infected.  He must of either scratched himself and it got infected, though I saw no wound at all anywhere, or a bite from some spider or whatever.  So I decided to go for bite.  Took him to the vet, got a couple injections which he totally was not impressed about.  Today its gone down heaps, only sliiiiightly puffy.  Should be perfect by tomorrow.  I'll be cancelling the thursday vet trip if it stays down because the previous bill slapped me for $170 and by my count as of last august, I have no spent over 4 grand on his vet bills.  That was also pretty much the last of my savings since I stopped working.  I'm going to have to do something I loath and thats go on government benefits and apply for the dole.  I fucking HATE that system and have been avoiding it like the plague.  But until I find work I'm pretty much resigned to it making my life a pain.  Oh well.

So Jed showed me this link that was pretty cool.  A bunch of really excellent flash games you can play in your browser.  I thought the golf one was really creative  And some of them are just horribly addicting.  I think I spent an hour on one and realized I had PROPER games I had paid for ages that I needed to finish.  Heres the link.


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  2. Looks amusing.

    And cats...more trouble than they're worth, but still worth it.

  3. No offense man, but I'm starting to think your cat does this shit on purpose sometimes. Has the swelling continued to go down though?

    1. You and me both. And yeah, thankfully whatever were in those injections smashed away that infection faster then I've seen it happen before. He's all energetic again and no swelling. My bank account is so thankful.

  4. I love cats and i hate seeing them in pain like that but still......really a troublesome thing to deal with....