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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Magical cake

Today was all over the place.  Started off with me finding out my sister is coming up and staying for 3 months so she can make some money and pay off some of her huge debts.  God give me strength.  Must find job and save up so I can leave forever.

Found a huge frog in the toilet today.  Thats a first.  I know this frog too.  Its a happy green tree frog that I always see around the house outside.  He got in once because the door was open.  This time it was closed.  I think he likes us.  Took a bit of effort with my trusty broom, but I got him to go outside.  I know its more manly to grab him with my hand but no.  I'm manly and dainty.  I'm just happy it wasnt a huge spider.  Manly would of gone out the window.

I did some recording yesterday at my friends place for some new toy theatre clips since I got the creative urge again.  Had fun doing them, cant be sure what I got is even worth watching.  But I feel like that with all of them.  I'll edit them together and if they make me laugh I'll upload them.  Really need to make an intro for them.

Legend of Grimrock finally came out today.  Its an old school dungeon rpg similar to the old 'Eye of the Beholder' games.  Grabbed it, twitching to play it, but I'm in the middle of a game in Shogun 2.  And that game is being HORRIBLE to me.   I swear its the hardest of the Total War series.  Either that or I've picked the hardest clan to play.  Or I'm just shit now.  I dont know.


  1. Pfft, slimy frogs are adorable. And spiders only freak me out when A. swarms of like 1,000 right near me that I didn't notice, or if they don't try and run from me. Then they die.

  2. 3 months?! Wow, you need more than god to give you strength :|

  3. You have my sympathy. If I had my eldest sister come stay with me for as little as a week I'd be going crazy let alone three months. Hang in there, Mr Con. <3

  4. Okay first of all......i agree with the other guy..
    You need moe than god to help you there...
    Second........frogs and spiders dont really freak me out that much......but roaches...yep..
    And last....i cant even imagine how bad it will be with your sister.....i l4d your already hard to get by....and thats only a computer game.....but in real life...your sister....yawzzzah... =|