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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Slugging it

Its been a super uneventful week to the point where I lost the urge to blog/upload videos.Mind you I'm no where near as slack as some other person who I wont mention....JED!

This week I've pretty much just been moving along at my happy pace.  I FINALLY bought the DVDs to both seasons of Fawlty Towers as they were having a special from $30 each to $13.  That stuff rarely gets discounted and its the newer remastered ones with some cool bonus extras.  Love it.  While I'm mentioning english comedy, the new season of Red Dwarf has begun after a 13 year absence.  I cant believe its been that long.  I adore the show, seen the episodes from season 1-6 like a billion times each and can still laugh at it.  7 and 8 werent my favourites since it was only 1 of the two creators working on it.  I cant remember if they both worked on 6 at the moment.  Series 9 was technically the movie they made a few years back, which I also didnt really enjoy.  But both creators are back together and I've heard the first episode was awesome.  Will be catching up with it on monday.  CANT WAIT!

I also finally watched Prometheus. I was worried I wouldnt enjoy it because of all the bad buzz its gotten from quite a few people.  Now after having seen it I can see why some people had issues with it.  The movie doesnt hold your hand.  It leaves a lot of things unexplained and open, being unsure about this or that.  Clearly its made so that you learn more int he sequels.  I loved the film, dying to watch the extras which give you more about the story and characters thats fairly important into understanding it more.  Great film.

So at the moment I'm playing away with Torchlight 2, really enjoying it.  Need to finish it so I can play X-Com which unlocks this week.  Was totally thrilled when Firaxis announced they would be making it in the same style to the originals.  Not like that butchered sitty fps version they made for the COD fans, which seems to have been changed recently into a 3rd person squad game for the Mass Affect fans.  I need to finish it so I can get my hands on Dishonored, my personal GOTY pick.  Hopefully there will be a nice sexy sale on during halloween so I can pick it up.


  1. Have you seen Zombieland? It's pretty epic.

    1. Yeah not too bad that one. Looking forward to the sequel.