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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So the past few days I've caught some cold thats beyond shitty.  Eyes burning, a horribly sore throat, temperature, and my ears hurt.  Usually if I catch something I'm good by the second day, sometimes the third day at the extreme.  Now its been 3 days and I still feel the same.  I could be dying.  Called up the doctors office at 5pm to make an appointment for the next day, get told by an answering machine they close at 6.  I'm like wtf

Saw the trailer for Iron Man 3 and was pretty impressed.  Finally a villain from the comic books and not some shitty filler story that the boring second movie was about.  So I'm looking forward to it.

A friend showed me a clip from disney land of one of the girls who acts like Ariel from the Little Mermaid.  I swear if I ever managed to visit disney land I would totally kidnap her, lock her up in a room, and force her to sing for me every day like a villain.  Of all the disney movies, Little Mermaid is my ultra favourite with Beauty and the Beast a very close second.  I'd probably say Beauty and the Beast is probably the better movie, but favourites arent classed that way to me.  So I looked up some videos of the voice actresses to see what they're doing and noticed they still sing at disney land events etc.

Of all of them I'd say Ariels is still the most accurate, she is about 51 now I think.  The rest were good, but she is amazing.  And I'm not shy in admitting that my eyes refuse to stop spilling tears while I listen to her.  Its like a reflex thing for me since I love the songs and character so much.  Its like omg stop so I can enjoy this, and my eyes are like fuck you.  Heres a clip of her being awesome.  The only bad thing is the bastards with digital cameras half ruin it with their bloody clickclickclick.  You're recording someone singing, you record them on video tape, not stupid pictures!  Retards.  Oh how I'd love to meet her.

ps if you sound exactly like Ariel feel free to become my wife.  Also WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BLURAY VERSION DISNEY!  Slow bastards!

I also found this of her while she was recording one of the songs.  What I didnt know till now was the guy teaching her in the clip wrote the songs for Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, so its no surprise now why those are my 2 favourite films for songs.  Sadly he died of aids at 40 just after beast was done.  He'd written 11 songs to be used with Aladdin but they only used 3 of them for whatever reason.  Legend.


  1. If your body aches it might be a flu. I caught 2 of them this year...first one swelled my throat shut about 90%.

    I'll likely never go to Disney Land x3

  2. Hey, now that I can read about! :D And what do you know, I'm also ill.
    I love Disney, and while neither Little Mermaid nor Beauty and the Beast are my favourites, I still love the songs, especially this one. I also love singing it, but I'm afraid I sound nothing like her ;) Still, that's some interesting vids you uploaded, thank you, good sir.

  3. Pfft. I am jealous of you;

    1. Damn, 250km from me. Now I'm just gonna cry.

    2. Hey. I haven't had one near me in...ever. Throughout my entire life. Most visible eclipses are around you guys, or around the western US.

      Oh well. The new comet will be visible to everyone this time next year.

      Oh, and you guys still get some eclipses in the next 2 years. -.- I have to wait until 2017.

    3. Yeah they do seem to popup fairly often here. I somehow manage to miss them all the time too. Hopefully I'll be free the next time it comes. My highlight was catching a meteor shower a decade ago. Friend and I lay on the hood of my car at around 2am and for the next couple hours we watched dozens of shooting stars, some really huge ones. Was awesome.

    4. There's a good amount of them every year, I coulda caught some in the past few nights (remnants of halley's comet) but my grandparents basically shun the night.