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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Okay! So, lets get into more detail about the house I posted about. Not very long ago I was on the search for a new place to start my life in. My options was either renting or buying. Renting was looking like a simple option but on average the cost of month's rent would be like $500. So next came a casual search for maybe purchasing a home. Which would be a pretty big step for someone like me.

It took some time and there was some nice places to day dream about but this little gem ultimately had the best of almost everything I wanted. A lot of land for my dogs to run around on, some woods to play paintball and even windows to stick boogers on! The home was kept clean, the yard maintained, and lots and lots of potential to adding personal touches.

The house was a HUD home. Which meant it was property of the Government. This was good for me because it meant they wanted their hands off of it as soon as possible. So soon in fact it went up for auction just months after I first found out about it.

This made things a little tricky. It takes a pretty long time for a bank to approve you for a loan. Its even trickier to find a loan thats really worth having. I don't trust banks much so I wanted to really make sure I was making a good choice. Finally I settled with a smaller facility called First National State Bank. They was actually the only place willing to give me a chance with my little credit score.

With their papers in my hands and the auction happening days away it was praying time. The story about the events at the auction I'll share another time but the awesome news is that I won the house! The previous owner still owed $127,100 on the property. I got it for under $60k! My monthly payments are $371 with everything but electricity included.

Funny enough I was the only one bidding on the home. Who was legit anyway. I had one person bidding against me and that person was from the bank who owned it along side the Government. The only point of him being there was to make sure the place didn't sell for $30k. The higher the property went, the more money in their pocket that would have gotten. It was a dirty trick but what else is new with banks.

But yeah. Long story short, Jed got him his own house! Its clean, only 12 years old, I owe only a fraction on it compared to the previous owner and most importantly, ITS MINE. I can live a life style that is me. I will really try and get pictures of the inside posted within days.   


  1. congrats on the house. I remember my sister that lives in Texas had bought a house for about $30k. Typically houses in California (near school and whatnot) go for about $300-$400k. Good luck and don't make moon shine. That stuff can make you go blind.

    1. He has other ways of going blind hurhurhurhurhur

  2. Don't tell me how to make moon shine. I can see just fine when drinking itdhjvfsyjnnbvxfs bhy4yi

  3. Now THAT'S some details! I'd love to see pictures of the inside.
    But really, that's a big step in life, I'm very happy for you, and just a little bit jealous ;)

  4. Niiiice. Wish someday I could have that sort of luck, or I could steal my dad's place. Which we got via interesting circumstances as well. My mom's father was a surveyor and surveyed the land a LONG time ago and basically hand-picked it for whoever he decided to show it to. No one could see it unless they were told it was there, it was hidden. And therefore no one wanted it.