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Monday, October 8, 2012

Heres a story. About a man named Brady.

Ha! Now the song is in your head. BWAHA!! So its been a long time. To long. It would have been longer but Con started throwing rocks at my windows. About six insurance claims later I am getting all my supplies together to start making regular posts again.

So here is the run down. Way have I been away so long? Well its because of whats behind door number 2. A BRAND NEW HOUSE!

This 1997 Manufactured home was constructed with all the finest materials the power of the N64 could create. Sitting on a property of 7.3 acres, it comes complete with large back and front yard as well as shady woods.

The house is constructed with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and living room the size of Con's love handles. Central Air and heat completely installed. Big bonus. And a garden tube in the bathroom for the nights I feel like lighting some candles, playing some jazz, and watching my favorite erotic film. "Chuck Norris and the Tower of Death 2".


  1. Oh yay, Jed posted something! :D
    And I can't seem to find one detail here, what's exactly with the house? You bought it? You built it? Or maybe you just found it somewhere and thought it was cool enough to post here? :D
    Well, in fact, it does seem cool, so I guess that's possible...

    1. lol hes being a little slack. Hes planning to make another post soon but is a little distracted. I'd slap him if he was in reach. Not that I'd need a reason to do that mind you.

  2. Ah, reminds me of home...well, 7 acres of good land and 10 of poison ivy.