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Friday, October 12, 2012

Its a snails life

The past couple days have been TORTUROUS for me!  My net speed has been slowed down to 30k/s as I have gone over my 200GB limit that my isp has set me.  Now I didnt do all of that on purpose.  One thing I knew but didnt really pay attention to was how Steam auto updates any game you have installed with not only the patch but the entire fucking game at times.  Team fortress 2 slapped me with a 20gb update.  I uninstalled that bitch as I rarely play it lately.  I noticed last week I also did 40gb in 1 day, and I'm positive 3/4 of that was from steam.

So I'm being killed slowly as pages take ages to load up.  Youtube I dont dare go near.  So that means no uploading anything either.  I sent a friend a weblink for fun.  He loaded it up in 6seconds.  It took me 40seconds.  I'll be suffering this for the next 1-2 days till my month clocks over.  I also updated myself to 500gb for very little since the plans changed favourably a while back.  TRY THAT SHIT AGAIN STEAM!  I DARE YOU!

So today I saw something that made me squeal like a little girl.  I mean sure I do that fairly often as is, but this was for an actual reason.  Obsidian has a kickstarter thing going at the moment for an rpg.  The thing runs out in 4 days and they're nearing 3mill already.  They're probably my favourite rpg maker around as they've made some of the greatest games in the past, like Vampire Bloodlines, Neverwinter Nights 2, Baldurs Gate 2, Arcanum, Fallout 1-2, and other stuff.  They werent called Obsidian during all of that, but most of the people who worked on those filtered through.

So below is the screenshot and also their kickstarter page.  I'm practically dying for this.  I mean this, coupled with Wastelands 2 from one of head guys who worked with the other head guys of Obsidian when they founded Interplay, I'm in rpg heaven.


  1. I feel your pain. But you're much luckier than I was. I had a good 500 mb daily limit (that was by paying extra, it was normally 250), the PING was around 1.5k normally which made some games not even work.

    Does your ISP have any special times, I.E. Hughesnet here allowed free downloading between 2 AM and 7 AM. Which incidentally ruined my sleep habits as I was in the middle of watching all Austin's L4D videos at that time. This was a time ago though.

    1. Nothing like that sadly. My older ISP didnt count uploads which would of been perfect for now since I'm uploading videos. But I just upped my limit to 500GB for a couple extra dollars since I was still paying the old price. All good.

    2. Are you stuck with a satellite ISP?

    3. Thankfully no. Although our cable tv is and that thing cuts out so often during the storm season which is coming in a couple months.

    4. I never even had Cable TV, until now, and all my grandparents watch is Fox news.

      Our phone lines were destroyed during a really wet winter that seeped down, froze, and cracked them. I learned all about Satellite Internet. It was worse than AOL for playing MMORPGs.

    5. Super bad luck there. Although I come from the generation who played Everquest1 on 56k modems. HARDCORE!

  2. I would feel your pain but you know why I can't.