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Sunday, January 6, 2013

New additions to my happiness

How was every ones christmas and new years?  Mine was quite fruitful.  I stayed home and played games and watched my movies and tv programs that I like.  I avoided the stupid world outside so I could have total peace and joy with myself and my hobbies.  I've done the friends and family things for many years in the past and I'm seriously over it.

During the time I like to buy myself presents since I know I'm the only one who can get me the things I like.  Technically I SHOULDNT be buying anything while I'm not working, but I had some money saved up for this period of year.  Also the price of the specials dictate what I get now and leave for later.  I grabbed a few things like the entire 'Carry On' movies dvd boxset.  I grew up on those, love them to death.  A few Gamera blurays that I never got around to watching, again something I loved as a kid growing up.  And also the delicious HD collection of Zone of the Enders for ps3.  Seriously, ZOE 2 is one of the best games ever created for the ps2, so when it was being updated for the new systems I had to buy it. Was waiting for it for ages.  If you've never played it seriously try to get your hands on it.  Easily in my top 5 mech games.  Maybe top o the list.  I adore it.

Then I come to a few ones I wasnt expecting to buy.  I saw some Hammer books on special.  Now the special was cool, but what was cooler is I didnt actually know these existed.  So I didnt want to wait for too long in case they sold out and they stopped printing them, as some books of this type do.

I grew up on these movies as a kid.  The top left and bottom right both have Christopher Lee on them, an actor you've no doubt seen me mention in the past.  I grew up watching his Dracula movies at the age of 6-7.  These movies arent for kids lolol.  But I loved them to death.  These are HUGE and heavy hardcover books with heaps of articles and rare photos from the time.  I found another one a few days later I was surprised I missed and ordered that, still waiting on the slow post to find my house.  And then I found this...

Hammer was the studio that created those horror films.  And this is a boxset of their 21 best movies on dvd.  It was on special for like $20 with free shipping ,and it usually costs like $60-70+ with shipping.  So I launched myself at it.  Going to have heaps of awesome nights watching these.

The last major thing I bought myself was a new keyboard.  I'd had the microsoft one for years.  Like...I dunno...7-8.  It was a good keyboard.  But I've always wanted one with programmable macro buttons, like the logitech G series.  But those things were always pretty expensive, like $100-150 depending ont he model..  Then I saw they'd released the logitech G110, a cut down version of the line without the stupid LCD screen attached to it, going for less than half price.  So I grabbed this beauty for like $40.  I couldnt resist it for a price like that.

The keys feel really nice, its less loud than my microsoft one when typing.  I'm having to get used to the size of it with the keys on the left though.  Pressing alt-tab usually ends up with my fingers elsewhere.  I'm getting there.  There was only one major issue I had and that was how high you could elevate the top half with the little extendable legs.  It was far too low from what I was used to.  I started thinking what I could do that would make it feel more natural and not propped up on something.  I noticed it came with a wrist guard that clipped to the bottom.  I didnt like the feel of it.  But that I started thinking....Double sided tape and BOOM! 

Eat your heart out MacGyver!!!  With the wrist guard on the bottom stuck to it fast, it is now at the PERFECT height and feels very good.  It doesnt wobble or tilt or anything.  I'm so happy.  My final toy wasnt exactly for me but for my mum.  I was sick of potato chips being cooked in the frying pan.  There would be that soggy oil feel with them and the tiles would get a little crappy from the hot oil splashing a little in the pan, so there was always cleaning up after.  I'd read up on the airfryer cookers that dont need oil but never really looked too much into them.  Finally I got frustrated and started reading up some reviews.  I found this philips one that seemed to be very good.  But it was heaps more expensive than I would have liked.  But I'm all about quality over everything else so I make exceptions, and this was one such case.

They work basically like miniature fan forced ovens, but the heat is so concentrated that it cooks things really well.  It can do heaps of things from chips to cakes.  And NO OIL!  So it not only tastes way better, its healthier too.  The philips one isnt as large as the other versions out there, but again price was going into the stupid area for those.  And if I fill the bottom tray with chips its enough to fill up half of 3 large plates, thats heaps.

Thats what they look like.  Obviously its not full as I was doing a test just for myself, but thats still heaps just for me.  They come out very crispy.  Amazing.  My mum at first was quite upset because she thought it wasnt worth the amount of money I spent.  But after eating the chips the first time she was sold.  She outright loves it.  I'll admit its one of the better things I've ever gotten.

And thats about it for my little trinkets.  There is one more thing I really want but I can not afford that right now.  Will have to wait till I get a job.  I've mentioned Gamera earlier, whom I grew up watching.  Hes like Godzilla for those who dont know, except hes a massive turtle.  And he kicks about 500 kinds of arse!  There were certain statues or toys I've wanted in my life.  One was a Thor sttaue which I finally got and love, another was a Voltes V figure which I finally got, and I really see it was some kind of magic that I even own it because its hard to get merchandise from that series.  Its all the 5 vehicles that form into the large robot.  Its brilliant.  Voltes V GX-31 is what the thing is called in case anyone wants to look it up.  I loved him growing up.  And the other was an Alien statue, which I got last year and its my prized possession and my most expensive thing, not including the usual computer/tv stuff.  But this....I want this...

The statue is about 12inches high and costs a STUPID $300.  I've have to shove in another $100 for postage probably.  Its based off the mid 90s trilogy that reviewers all say are the benchmark for any monster movie.  Those are the blurays I got.  But yeah... my hope is really to be able to afford this before it goes out of stock as statues dont get second runs.  I need this to make my stupid life complete.  Then I will have all the things I loved as a kid within reaching distance to psychotically fawn over.


  1. Where's all this money of yours coming from, I have to ask xD

    1. lol like I mentioned, I'd saved a decent amount from my previous job when I realized I wasnt going to stay there. When it comes to saving I'm very good at it. I once saved up 4grand for a japan trip in 7 months while at the time making only about $250 a week and juggling my own bills. Since I dont actually go out much I dont waste money on the usual things lots of other people do. If theres something I know I want to buy in a certain time frame I usually prepare for it well in advance. I'm not an impulse person. I'm horribly methodical.

      Saying that I dont have as much as I'd like or I'd have bought that Gamera statue right now. Also considering majority of the things I bought are directly involved with my childhood, I'd been focused on getting this sort of stuff for years. Some things I cant hold back on lol