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Friday, November 8, 2013


Last night I did something pretty legendary.  I used the wrong screw to fasten the front panel of my aircondition.  The screw was a little too long.  I punctured one of the copper pipes and all the gas just poured out.  Despite having that thing for the past 10 years, it took about 5min for the gas to finally flow out.  Would of ran for many years yet.  Fixing it is not an option sadly.  So tomorrow my dads going to see about cutting the hole in the wall a little wider to be able to fit a new one in since the box units seem to somehow be larger now.  Cant put a split system in unfortunately.  Oh well.  Hopefully tomorrow things will be normal again.

I've been spending plenty of time watching old horror movies that I've always wanted to watch but never got around to it.  Some of them were Rosemarys baby, the 1950s version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and just finished the trilogy of the Boris Karloff Frankenstein movies from the 30s.  Those were brilliant.  Hopefully tonight I'll finally get to watch Dracula, the 1930s one with Bela Lugosi.   I'll admit I've actually been avoiding that one for years.  I grew up with the Christopher Lee Dracula movies and for me there is no way anyone will match the intensity that he had when playing that role.   Trying to catch up with a bunch of other Vincent Price movies I never got to see.  It was always tricky getting movies like these while growing up.  Only since internet stores popping up has it finally become an option.  Our video stores had fuck all.  Our cinemas?  Forget them.  Useless.

Earlier in the day I heard a loud THUMP!  A dove had smashed itself into my window.  Went outside and the thing was pretty much out cold.  I sat with it a little to see how badly it was hurt but it seemed fine.  Its legs and wings could move, and most importantly its neck.  It lay there for a few minutes with its eyes just fluttering.  After about 5min it finally sat up and started to focus on things.  I waited for about an hour before it finally flew off.  Didnt want any hawks or whatever grabbing it.  So I did my good deed for the day.

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  1. I had my little Carolina Wren plunk into a window one day. It would have been worrying if not for the fast recovery. Instead? I giggled my ass off cuz it made a perfect "i-just-ran-face-first-into-this-here-window" pose.