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Monday, November 18, 2013

Absolutely furious

There are very few things in the world that I twitch for.  If I lose out on something or cant afford something I just live with it.  But certain things I cant.  I am a massive Alien whore.  If I see something from that series of films that I MUST have, and theres very few things that I find worth owning in anything, then I must have it.  The Alien statue I bought a while back which was stupid expensive but it was going to be mine no matter what.  Its still my most favourite thing.

Recently a kickstarter went up for a miniature game.  Heres the link.

Lets ignore all the reasons why I think they screwed up and could of done better at launching this event.  I dont think they'll make it to the Queen stretch goal, but at the very least the rest of the stuff are awesome.
They do have a pretty cool special where if you pledge £75 or more, you go to the update that has this specific information and write a comment saying blahblah invited me, and you and that person both get a free unit of a specific 3 selection.  Thats something I havent seen at another kickstarter before so that was cool.

But yeah, I'll be grabbing this even though I'm not a miniature person and I still have no job, but I'm more than happy to spend whatever little funds I have for this thing.  I can easily use the pieces for other board game rules or even make my own up.  Getting people to play it is another story.  But I'm more than happy to own it.  I also plan to grab this other kickstarter to use as a different base level thing.

Its pretty amazing.  Not too expensive either.  Can use that for any other miniature game too.  Just a shame both of these popped up while I'm not working.

So you might be asking why I'm pissed off when it doesnt sound like that from above.  Its to do with my other obsession.  Aliens was the first.  Robotech was the second.  And I just came across this fucking thing..

This somehow ended back in May and I NEVER seen it mentioned anywhere.  How the fuck is this possible when I already back other projects.  The base $80 pack will be available for sale at their store this febuary.  Thats fine.  But the thing about kickstarter is all the special things you get that WONT be on sale.  Theres a bunch of crap there.  The Rick, Roy, Khyron, and Miriya units are only for this.  The SDF-1, only for this.  The higher pledge level you chose, the more shitload of free units they tossed at you.  I'm absolutely livid.  I just want to PUNCH shit.  Unbelievable.

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