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Saturday, November 23, 2013

And another birthday passes

Today was my birthday! YAY!  I ate cake and stuff.  I also accomplished nothing, which means it was an excellent day.   Usually my birthday is something I look forward to, but its a bit different now.  23rd is also the same day I was forced to put Kyo to sleep 4 months ago.  His birthday was also sometime in november, so I always had it at the same time as mine and I'd buy him some expensive take-out food to eat since I spoiled him.  Mind you I did that every week normally but it was always different during this time.  He would of been 19 this month.  So its my first birthday in a very long time I dont spend it with him.  Depressing for sure.  I still think of him every day.

One good thing that happened was I managed to get my broken ps3 controller working again.  After the useless kid that mum babysits accidently 'dropped' it, the thing kept moving to the right and wouldnt stop.  Found out theres a little hole in the botton of the controller that you can press and it resets it.  Once you disconnect it from the system and then reconnect it, the joypad should work normal.  I had to do this a few times as each time it did nothing.  Then I left it on the side of my desk connected by the cable while I checked something online and 10min later I go to mess with it and the thing works perfectly.  Lord knows why it worked after ignoring it for 10min but thats how it is.  So happy ending there.

My mum is also heading to melbourne in a few days for a couple weeks to visit my sister, so aside from my dad being here in the evenings, the house is basically mine.  Lovely relaxing QUIET time for me coming soon.  Cant wait.