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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This and that

I'll admit this whole google plus stuff confuses me ever so much.  This blogger forced me into making one ages back and linking to it.  Then it got complicated when youtube decided I had to have one too.  But if I ever tried linking both of these together it would show me either of the two differently.  The blog would be there but youtube would be a new channel or vice versa.  So now I have 2 google circles.  Thats sort of annoying.  I would of liked to have kept my info on here and there in the same area.  Would make little updates easier.  I guess I dont mind having something thats a little dislocated from my youtube channel.

I've been watching more older films.  Its great to be finally catching up with a bunch of them.  I mentioned before the Frankenstein films from the 30s which were a real treat.  However I found the 1931 Dracula film to not be as enjoyable for me as it had been to others I know of.  I guess I was spoiled with having grown up watching Christopher Lee's Dracula.  He is beyond brilliant.  Speaking of dracula, I also finally saw Nosferatu, the 1922 silent movie.  Some amazing directing in that.  Absolutely loved the music.  Prior to that I'd only ever seen the 1970s Nosferatu film with Klaus Kinski, brilliant actor.  I dont really recall much from it.  I think I was 12 when I saw it.  I grabbed it recently and plan to re-watch it.

I just finished watching The Uninvited.  Wonderful movie from 1944 about a brother and sister who move into a haunted house.  Very enjoyable.  Also speaking of, there is another movie with the same name that came out a few years back.   I'm pretty sure I'd seen it listed online before but never paid attention to it.  I probably should have since its a remake of the korean horror A Tale of Two Sisters.  I love that film and grabbed this remake to check it out.  I've read some favourable things about it from people who were fans of the original Sisters horror so thats a good thing.  I'll watch it sometime this week.

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