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Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Toys 2

The speakers werent the only thing I got recently, although they're the biggest.  And getting my room ready for them has been a bit of a chore.  Removing the old sound system, cleaning away dust in that area,trying to figure out how to place all my crap around to support this new equipment.  BLEAH!  Its half fun, half annoying.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have it all setup and spiffy.  Not too happy the receiver is on the floor next to my desk instead of the book shelf or elsewhere like I planned, but the things too fucking HUGE to fit there.  At least it'll get plenty of air where it is.  And I can get to the back connectors easily when I want.

Yeah little sidetrack..  My other toy which I bought when in melbourne was something I'd been looking at for a while, and its a good replacement for my current Lumix TZ3 camera which I've had for years and been looking for its successor.  I might actually get one of those other nice lumix cameras down the road that are shock proof and waterproof, just because they're tiny and can be carried around and are pretty much anti-broken style.  So the new replacement is the Lumix G2.   A very godly camera, does amazing video in low light, and pictures are pretty spiffy awesome too.  Again, I'd been saving up since last year for it, so by the time I decided this was the camera for me I was ready for it.  Heres a pic.

I've laid out the camera and both the lenses it comes with.  A normal one and a widescreen lens.  Its a pretty amazing camera.  And the manual is over 200 pages so I'm still in the process of reading it.  Once I'm done with my sound setup and understand how that blasted thing works with all my other devices properly, I'll go back to learning how to use this thing, especially since now I have plenty of time to do it since work tossed me out.  Keep me distracted from the thought of zero income for a while.  I'm a massive panasonic and pioneer whore so getting these two things, camera and receiver, has pleased me.  I doubt I'll be buying anything else for a while.  Aside from some games.  Like if sony ever decide to release gran turismo 5 in my lifetime.

Actually there was ONE other thing I did get while in melbourne...  not including the 2 books I've been after for ages, The Michael Palin Dairies, and the python autobiography by the pythons, 2 books centred mostly around Monty Python, the greatest comedy group ever.  The other thing I got was a Mr Flibble hand puppet.  Anyone familiar with Red Dwarf should know this instantly.  I'm totally over the moon about it.  I love the thing.  GAME OVER BOYS!


  1. What's that mister flibble?
    Oh no we can't do that! Who would clean up the mess?

  2. no con no!
    get rid of him befor he kills jed with his las...
    you knoow what let jed see him

  3. Somebody is having fun with technology. I'd like to see the quality of the pictures you'll take with that camera. It looks really nice.

  4. Funny, I was watching my Red Dwarf DVD when i decided to read the blog. And lo and behold, Mr. Flibble has invaded Australia. Con and Flibble shall spread chaos throughout the world. I'd get one myself, but the king of the potato people won't let me :3