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Friday, October 29, 2010

New toys everywhere

Well today was very eventful.  I'd decided after a couple years of looking around and reading that I would buy my updated sound system when the Aliens anthology bluray pack was coming out, which is like in 2 weeks for Australia.  Since I got the HDTV I still needed TrueHD sound just to make that Aliens fanboy inside me wet himself.  So after a million and one reviews and crap of reading, I decided on my ultimate setup which wouldnt cost me the sun.  I went for the Pioneer VSX-1020-K receiver, and the JAMO A407HCS5 speaker system.  The cheaper alternatives always seemed to have one or two features I REALLY want missing so I had to keep going a little higher.  I think this was a pretty good choice to have for the next decade if I'm lucky.  I might add a couple speakers down the track for 7.1 but that wont be until I build the unit under my house so I can move the sound system there for pure joy.

So heres a picture of it.  I havent set it up yet because I need to remove my older stuff.  I also misjudged the size of the receiver.  I cant put it where I want so I'll have to tastefully put it beside my desk on the floor next to my consoles.  Should at least look good even if that wasnt my prefered area.  But it'll give it plenty of air which is also very important.  Buying it now after I just lost my job might not of been the smartest move, but I got onto a decent length interest free period to pay it back so it gives me plenty of time to find a job down the track.  Technically I have the money to pay for it now since I'd been saving up, but I'd rather hold onto that for emergency.  I should also point out the speakers for some bizarre reason were half the price they should of been.  So I bloody well grabbed them.   I'd like to add also that most people in retail are fucking retarded.  At least when I was in retail back int he day I actually knew WTF I was selling and what we could get.  Morons.  Heres a pic of my new babies.


  1. Oh man :D Don't let your head explode from that sound :)

  2. OH MY SHIT!!!! That's fuckin awesome...

  3. Left 4 Dead with those speakers is gonna be and ear rape from all of your friend's screams XD

  4. *an ear rape. GOD I hate this keyboard...

  5. Those are some mean looking speakers.

    You got half price speakers, and I got half price fuel today. For some reason the cashier gave me twice the amount of fuel that I paid for. Instead of half a tank, I got to fill up my car.