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Friday, October 22, 2010

Back to boring food again

Well just ordered myself a pizza.  Bit sad considering I ate at so many nice places while I was in melbourne.  Just got back the other day from there, so much fun.  Was at an expo called Armageddon.  Basically lots of things to do with movies, tv shows, comics, and other stuff.  People dressing up in costumes too, pretty awesome ones there.  I'm still in the process of sifting through the photos I took and some video I had.  I'll be putting up pics here and some videos on my youtube page.   For now I'll just put one up of me, a couple friends, and 2 random people who were there.  The 3 of us are in the middle.  I'm the one in dark blue, a Cobra Trooper from GI Joe.  All of us were from the series so it was a good picture.  I wish I had more though.

So in order from left to right, Baroness, Cobra Commader, Firefly, Cobra Trooper, and Snake Eyes.    Was heaps fun.  Had lots of people stopping us often asking to take our photos or pose with us in photos.  Great fun.


  1. the picture reminded me of GI JOE

  2. One of them is not like the other!
    One of them does not belong!

  3. Well there you go! I know the Snake Eyes in the picture and know of his ex as the Baroness. Small world it seems.