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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Got to be up in about 6hours to get ready for work and I really dont have the energy. Its my final week before my contract ends so maybe I should put in a little effort. Or maybe not. Extended lunch and early hometime I think lol. Bit pissed off all my effort and extra work I've put in has been largely ignored. My first 3 months were pretty much 6 day work weeks, bordering on 12hours each weekday in overtime. 8months down the track what am I rewarded with? Pretty much nothing. But its ok, the others who are 10 times mroe useless then me got extended. Including the guy who takes off 1-2 days a week because he was out drinking the night before. Favouritism? Fuck you. See how much work I put in for you during this last week. I'm taking 'slack' to a whole new fucking level.

Some days I wish I could live in this picture and just enjoy myself in a nice, happy, magical quiet place. Read my books or write one next to a large fire, huge slice of cake next to me.


  1. awwwww no offense but you work(ed) for dicks >:C

  2. Do every job with honor and integrity even if they're rewarding others who are slacking with better stuff. Yeah, it does suck that your hard work has been ignored, but work just as hard as you have been since you know you're going to be leaving at the end of the week anyway. Ultimately the choice is yours, though.

    And you know where you could get a huge slice of cake to have next to a roaring fire? At the cake shop that you could work for.

  3. Well I did practically fuck all today. One of the supervisors laughed, but I think they all expect it since they know I'm pretty pissed. They cant threaten me with firing either because I'll just ask for my separation papers and be on my way. Zero power over me. Everyone had a good laugh at me just chatting away all day.

    I already know the cake I'll be getting for myself next month for my birthday and its this lovely huge chocolate one. I adore it. Cant wait.

  4. Haha, well, at least everyone is having fun I suppose.

  5. Yay for Con for standing up for himself..... but they should have given you an extension on your contract. It just not fair to give it to the lazy ones

  6. I've always been treated this way at jobs. I'm a really hard worker, not by choice really. I'm there all day, I have nothing better to do, so why not bust my ass? It kills time, at least.

    Most of my coworkers were idiot teenagers who just wanted the spending cash and didn't care if they got fired. They would basically mill around in the aisles on their cell phones, come in drunk or high, sit in the breakroom all night, etc. Meanwhile, I'd have a list of 500 things to do between 8 and 10 PM, which is like Rush Hour at our store. If I didn't complete the entire list, I'd get lectured or written up. I got fired for "slacking", but every idiot teenager that came in high, stole stuff, not show up on time or at all, etc were still working there 6 months later.

    I still have fantasies about bombing that place.