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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1 day left

Well technically I have 2 days left before my job ends but I'm only going to go tomorrow and they can royally fuck off with friday.  I'd rather stay home.  Couple more supervisors found out I wouldnt be coming friday and thereby avoiding the entire goodbye lunch they plan to throw me.  Told them not to even consider doing it tomorrow or I'll leave the minute I hear about it.  I really hate those things.  Always avoid them. 

So I went through the videos I took of my trip to see what I could salvage for youtube.  I'm really annoyed I somehow didnt record the guy in the alien costume.  I only have my friends digital cam video of it.  I Swear I recorded it.  Oh well.  I found this bit though of me at the museum with the friends I went to melbourne with.  We're in the insect section and you can stick your head up in this bubble to watch the ants up close all around you etc.  I've compressed it a bit just to make it much smaller.  I'll hopefully figure out a way to cut/merge and somehow keep good quality with the clip I end up putting on youtube.  There will probably be 2 clips I think.  One of the convention and one of the museum.  Unless I can fit everything in 1 video length that youtube will accept.


  1. I like the fact that you visit interesting places and don't just sit on your ass doing nothing. Also, I hope you find another job soon, hopefully one you'll enjoy a bit more.

  2. I was so worried when you were in that bubble. I thought you were gonna die. Glad everything turned out good in the end though.

  3. I seriously thought you were an exhibit at first.

    SEE: THE AMAZING ANT COMMANDER. A human being that controls ANTS.

  4. Ironically, the first post I see is that Con's job is ending. Such an exquisite surprise!

  5. Con + Ants = Great AntBalls of Fire