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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Page 4. Only took 4 years.

Man oh maaaaan. This was so behind getting done it become the blogs's little version of Duke Nukem Forever! But here it is. Page 4. As my art improves, these will be coming out faster. Plus Con and I are working on a new system. I draw, ink, and he colors. He wasn't able to do the coloring this time around which delayed us but that wasn't his fault. We are still learning and it takes time.

Lets talked about whats going on here. So far we know Simon lives with his poor family. Who seemed to have signed him up into..dun dun duuuun. The Military? And he has a brother who is some kind of hero? Oooo thats him in the poster! If only it didn't take 30 months per page to come out. Con is so worked up about this story of his that he gets all gitty! 

Please bare with us. We are such noobs and just trying to do this little co-project together for fun. We also hope you guys enjoy reading it and are entertained enough to check the blog often for new content. 

With that said, new portal video is in the works!  I received Con's clips and just got to get mine in with it. So I hope you guys look forward to watching another one of our Co-Portal Doom clips within a few days! 

PS. Mr. Joshua. You know who you are what you did. We have something in store for you. Something as a little thank you. So check back with us soon! :)