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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The brain works as the brain wills

So today I screwed around with some editing.  I cleaned up the next toy theatre clip but before I post that up Jed and I are wanting to do the next portal ep.  Its funny, we actually only planned to put up maybe 6-7 clips, but  when we went through all the recordings we did and took note of how many we edit to make 1 clip, we've realized we're going to be making quite a lot of them.  But for now I'm hoping to have the next one up in the next few days.  Right now I'm putting together a stupid intro for it.  The faster I finish this, the faster I get it up.   So some time this weekend should be it.

Anytime we get together to chat, which isnt too often, I toss some ideas on him to see if he's happy with this or that I want to do.  One thing I mentioned, which I'll keep secrety all about for now, is if he was interested in making certain clips that people keep on asking me over and over to make again.  He's up for it so when we get a chance to play again, which will be really hard considering he's working 40 hour weeks now, we'll do it and upload them.

For now heres another random comic from my friend Royce, who also helps with the toy theatre clips.

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  1. Now that girl knows how to flip a table! Haha I really liked this one. -Jed