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Thursday, October 6, 2011

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So I recently uploaded the unused footage of Cobra George clip.  I'm really having fun making them.  I also have another one finished that I plan to upload soon and halfway through making another one.  Hopefully I'll have that one cleared up on the weekend and I can then focus on a larger more involved clip.   All of them of course feature George.

I'm having some stupid issue with my video editing program.  Seems after a few clips it just goes stupid and hangs, letting me do nothing.  So I have to scrap my progress and restart.  So I've started saving before moving a new clip.  Fairly annoying.  Then again my pc has been having its own stupid issues too so I'm just ignoring it all and letting it act stupid.

You may notice the quality of the video clips change slightly.  This is because I'm using different cameras to see which one I like most.  It doesnt help that the lighting in my friends room is weird.  Its bright enough but something is causing the cameras to not work at their full level.  Might have to put up some lamps for extra lighting.

I've thought up some live action clips to do too.  With a bit of effort I'll be able to make some truly stupid stuff that should be fun.  I dunno if I'll invest time in learning how to add in special effects since my system really is fucking retarded at the moment.  Anyone who wants to donate me an I-Mac though for editing, feel free lololol

My cat is healing quite nicely.  Got another appointment tomorrow for him, so theres some more money out the window that I dont really have.  But oh well.  Hope you are enjoying the clips and I'll be uploading some comic strips in the next few days.

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  1. I hope your cat makes a speedy recovery. Cats are awesome. Can't wait to see more Cobra George :D