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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Unused Thor footage

So today I went through the video stuff of the Thor crap and decided to paste together a few clips that werent used in the first one.  Doing it also made me realise I forgot to add the scene where Cobra gets hit by Thors hammer.  I have been having issues with my video editor where it'll just hang and just screw with me heaps, so I must of deleted it without noticing because of the way the program was working.  I updated to a new version today and it seems to be perfect again.

Next clip will be the new Portal clip.  Jed has finally finished editing his clips into mine so now we just want to put a couple additions to it and then it'll be up.  Because of some PURE BULLSHIT happening in my life at the moment I havent had a chance to make more toy videos from all the plans I have and that just bugs me so much, which is also why I havent updated the blog too.  With luck I'll be able to churn some out very soon.  But this is currently the last complete clip I have to bore you with.  You all get to watch it first before youtube lolol


  1. in completely irrelevant news i can't wait to share...


    i'm sorry Con, i had to...

    ok, i'm not THAT sorry.

  2. lol I havent followed rugby in...ooh..20 years. That and cricket totally lost interest in. All I watch is football. But congrats on the win!

  3. I finally watched the Thor movie. It was really good, although the end bugs me.