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Monday, October 17, 2011

Squeels of joy

I was having a nightmare with getting in this folder I wanted to store my art in.  I couldnt get this locally and my only options were places in America.  So after 2months of screwing around with this one company, having to send back one since it was the wrong size, I finally get my replacement, a month late and $60 extra spent.  Not too pleased at all.  Imagine my frustration when the that is now correctly labelled as a 11x17 size folder DOESNT fit 11x17 art pages.  Its width was short by an inch.

So cut past my ultra rage fit I decide to order again but a larger size.  This time I ask if Jed can give me a hand , me buying it from a store there and having it sent to his place and then him mailing it to me.  He offered more then I asked to tell the truth.  So I went ahead with the purchase and he sent it, yet spent $50 on postage because of some new rules that the postal service decided to pass out their arses.  I was not happy at having gotten him to spend that much.  He outright refuses to be paid back and uses all the expensive gifts I've gotten him in the past as reason for this.  It still makes me a little frustrated since postage SHOULD of been only $20.

So I got the folder in yesterday and it was perfect, 14x17 seems to do the trick and all my dozen or so of original hand drawn art is in it.  Heres a couple pics.  Thanks Jed you legend you!


  1. now that's some damn good artwork.
    Huntress for the win :)

    Btw did you attain a copy of "The Huntress" #1?

  2. Awesome friend ftw. Props to you Jed.

  3. DAMN, you drew those?

    I am very impressed. I hope to be a good as you someday. How long have you been sketching?

  4. I wish I drew those. These are from proper artists I commissioned. I have some from ones currently doing art for Marvel and other people too which is awesome. If you go backwards through the blog you'll find all of them as I scanned them in for previous posts with little stories added. I cant even draw a circle. Which is stupid because in my early teenage years I could draw my own garfield comics and they looked perfect. Now I'm useless lol

  5. I don't know how, but you appear to be getting younger in every picture of yourself you put up. TELL US YOUR SECRETS YOU SORCERER OF EVIL

  6. SORCERY! Its funny since the last 2 months I'm the most stressed out I've ever been in years. I feel as though I'm going to start looking my age in a few more days.

  7. Epic face in the 2nd picture :P