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Monday, October 24, 2011

Bringing the pain

The past few days have been interesting.  The other day I went to the toilet, happily standing there at like 4 in the morning, when suddenly SHATTER!!  Good thing I was in the toilet cause I practically pissed myself then and there.  Well, I would have were I not a MANLY MAN!  So I'm thinking wtf was that sound, with a split instant realization that whatever it is it happened just behind me as little shards of something are smacking into me.  I thought oh god the cover of the light has fallen and smashed.  No, it was something far more interesting.  We have a wall mounted fan in the toilet, a nice little idea from me, and I'm thinking because of the heat, the blades had expanded so badly that they just decided FUCK IT and suicided.  The fan blades had totally shattered.

I didnt even know fans could bloody do that.  We got a new one in there now.  Dad was all like we'll go buy a new one when I get back from work, and I'm all ok.  So he wakes me up 2 hours later, since I went to bed at like 7, and says he's picked one up but cant figure out how to get it working.  Impressed isnt the word I'd use at having been woken up.  The stooge had gone and bought a fan that needed the remote to turn it on, instead of just being on all the time and turning on when we switch the light on.  So not impressed.

My cat had another visit to the vet today.  Whatever infection that plagued him before isnt completely gone.  He keeps clawing at his head and cutting himself because his ears or whatever is itching too much.  He got a couple new injections and these new tablets today to deal with any fungus infection he might have.  Another $170 gone.  I've spent close to 2 grand in the past couple months on vet trips for him.  Its really starting to hurt, considering I'm not working at the moment.  Good thing I saved up some money and actually had the free time to be able to take all those trips to the vet.  Receptionist said I must really love my cat.  I said I'd love her more if she waved the bill.  Sadly it didnt work, even with my megaplayboy smile unleashed.  Unfortunately it doesnt have the same power when I'm stressing over my cat.  Maybe next time.  Another visit on friday.  Yay more money gone that I'm soon not to have any of.

I FINALLY finished the intro to the new portal clip which should be up in the next couple days.  I swear that thing took me days to finish.  To be totally honest it could be a clip on its own.  I'm wondering why I dont.  But then I realize why.  I would be inclined to make more of it as a series.  And considering how much time I spent on this, theres no way I want to do that anytime soon again.  Oh, and a quick mention about Jed.  I just obliterated him during a game of scrabble we're having with our phones.  I was never a scrabble fan, but over the phone is fairly entertaining.  Anyway, 123point word.  He knew the only thing he could do was to give up.  Game over man.


  1. Aww your cat still has the infection D:

  2. So you have a built in fan like the one in the Toilet comic strip?