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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beautiful Life

The other day I mentioned I got a SD card from Jed with all the portal 2 clips on it so I could edit them finally.  Well as fate should have it I checked and hes only put 12 clips on.  Thats like 1 video.  I'm lost for words.  He can forget about that ferret I was going to buy him for his birthday.  Not happening now.  USELESS!!

So while doing all my usual random stuff today I came across an older drama series that I loved and forgot I had.  Its called, as the heading of the post, Beautiful Life.  Its an 11 part japanese drama show about a guy who meets a girl and STUFF.  I watched it over 10 years back when a friend showed it to me and I adore it.  I also found it on youtube.  So if anyones up for a great drama show with excellent acting and everything, and dont mind reading subtitles, I totally recommend watching it.

I'll embed the first one here but the guy has all the rest uploaded.  Total legend.  Slight warning, its not the happiest of shows.  Hence DRAMA!


  1. I've probably seen unhappier. A.k.a. shows that were cancelled on tragic cliffhangers.

    1. Thats a different kind of unhappiness. But its more rage when a show I like gets cancelled while pure shit keeps getting funded. I hate the tv world.