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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A place to sit would be nice.

Katherine and I have been married since November. And I have been living in the house since October.  This entire time though we been sitting either in my pc chair or on the floor. For we, you see, do not have chairs or a couch yet.

Well I hope that has mostly changed as of today. A friend from work is getting rid of his old couch, and while it'll need some tender love and care, I think we could clean it up and use it. We hope to one day soon go to Ikea and buy this red leather couch Katherine has her heart set on. But that takes money. And money comes only with time. So before then we'll have to use elbow greece. Lets hope we can clean it up good enough to use.

Now comes the more exciting news. A refrigerator!! Ok well we don't have one yet but soon. Maybe in the next two weeks. We got a mini-fridge now and its been a trusty companion but the Jed needs something more. With huuuuge perky nobs and tight fittings...ooooh yeeeeeah.

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