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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Zero reason

Theres always lots of things I want to put up here but half the time I forget after a little or just get distracted, and before I notice days have passed.  One thing I'm contemplating is doing a Q&A thing but in real time on one of those streaming things.  If I get enough interest I'll probably go ahead with it, though pulling Jed into it too will be tricky cause of his lack of internet.  I still dont see how people could be interested however.

Today I was going through some youtube cat compilation clips, yes I'm one of those lololololo, and I found a song I hadnt heard in yeeeaaaaars.  It got me thinking how the 80s were pretty much the best period.  Possibly early 90s too.  But nothings come close to that period for me.  Its just deliciously whimsical and magical.  So I'm gonna share the song.  ENJOY!


  1. Why not formspring as a form of Q&A?

    1. oh no no no. The questions would just keep coming in non stop. I'd rather a one off one on one session. Would be more fun with unplanned answers.

  2. I still think a livestream session would be fun. Maybe for the Q & A thing.