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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holiday Jinga!!

I hope everyone has had a great little Holiday season! I spent one of my holiday nights at the in-laws. Some people sing, others watch TV together, we on the other hand played Jinga. Oh how competitive this little game of real life Tetris becomes. For your viewing pleasure is that very night! Staring my wife Katherine, her sister Rachael, mother in-law Kim, and of course Cody and myself


  1. The video is private :( But good to see cody again, even if its only a thumbnail. What was he doing all the time?

    1. Video isnt private anymore. I had to fix it and edit jeds post cause it was a mess. LIKE HE IS!

  2. @ Con: I can just picture you running into the room with a kid's toy airplane in your hand and hitting it and screaming something like "I SAVED THE WORLD" then fleeing.

  3. That was extremely intense. Even though it was only Jenga.

  4. Aah, Cody is so cute! How old is he? Don't worry not gonna stalk him just want to know, since he was still in high school during the time of playthroughs.