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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Borderlands 2 part 9

So what I'm trying to do hear is edit it faster and cut out heaps of stuff so I can get to the better parts with the actual story missions and not filler rubbish.  Plus I have another 2 friends who join up for the second half of the game.


  1. If and when I finish up all the other stuff I'm watching, I need to watch this playthrough for once...

    By the way...if some random strange person sent you a request on facebook, it may be me myself and I. I only have around a hundred friends so feel free to decline.

    1. lol 100, I can imagine how spammy your updates would be. I've got 29, wouldnt mind removing 6, and have 2 muted so I dont see their updates since they post 50 times a day. At my old job my workmates tried to get me to add them. That was pretty funny. I have no interest in speaking to them out of work.

    2. Oddly enough it's not that bad. Most of my friends only have facebook accounts for messaging purposes. And I almost never post anything on my facebook either...I just have it for updates on things going on.

      And I tend to remove another person every week or so when they randomly say something stupid like YOLO or swag.

    3. You could accept me and hide my status updates too, I'm not that frightening. Or I suppose I could just choose to be a stalker. Either/or. The possibilities are endless.

    4. lol feel free. Least I can do since you donated Jed and myself something a while back. Becuase of that we could afford to buy Jed some new underwear. He was going commando pretty much half his life. His testicles thank you.

    5. Well, I sent a request earlier today, again, and it 'twas ignored, so I imagine that means I am not to be accepted :P

      ...I...that picture scars my mind now.

    6. It must be an auto setting or something. Gimmie your username and I'll send the request. Or message me it on youtube if you dont want it up here.