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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Facebook giving free anti-virus programs

Now this is pretty good.  I never thought facebook was any good other than for creating a new way to get pestered by people you know, but they've gone and done something pretty cool.  They're giving away a 6 or 12month free subscription depending on the virus scanners.  They must be doing some sort of weird promotion for themselves or whatever.

Anyway, its 100% legit as its from the facebook security page.  The link they send you is also a direct link from the anti-virus websites own page. I think all you need to do is LIKE the page and you get the link sent to you.  Confirmed as working by plenty.  Ideally from the list I would recommend you select Kaspersky as its the best of the lot and also one I've kept subscribing to for years.  Sad part about this one is its only available for US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand people.  If you live in a different country I'd suggest Avira who are also very good.  And for the love of god dont touch norton.


  1. I...I have avast! and I am not about to start the anti-viral-wars again. Even if they are funny to watch, it's not fun for the computer. And in the end, no one wins and everyone's quarantined.

    1. Avast is fine. I'd put it JUUUST under Avira but not by far. So its a good one.

    2. I do remember Kaspersky though, but I save that for the big guns. I need a few good anti-viruses I know but don't have downloaded just in case, so that I can download them sneakily and scan for trojans that know the anti-virus programs well enough to hide. I tricked Virtumonde by downloading Kaspersky under the file name alias SCANNER. :P

  2. Norton is the spawn of the devil! Or at least some tit in a suit with too much spare time. It does bugger all, anyway!