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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A sad surprise

Its been tricky to find the will to type up an entry on here.  Still major down over my cat.  The other day I was editing a Bioshock clip and midway through it something unexpected happened.  I heard my cat meow loudly and then my voice reply to him in frustration since he was hungry again and at my feet, which sometimes led in me bleeding if I took too long getting up.  Hearing the sound startled me, then I smiled at the sound, and after a few seconds I almost completely lost it.  I'm planning to write up a little thing at some stage about his life with me.

Jed today mentioned hes looking into into an internet provider, wireless of course since thats all he has access to, but supposedly they dont bother checking download limits so that would be useful.  He plans to go test it out at his neighbours place on tuesday to see how it runs with games.  They say its good so we'll see.  I still dont know how he plans on paying for it though.  He's busy paying off a house.  We got a little from people donating a little while back, which was very awesome and he thanks them.  It was just unfortunate the amount was only a hundred or so.  He's going to need about a grand to cover the year contract.  So right now we're saving some money slowly.  I really need to find a job soon.  Once I do that his internets paid for.

Another friend of mine is starting up a new gaming channel on youtube.  He runs another with his friend thats way more popular than my little corner and hes grabbed a few friends he wants to help him run the place.  He also asked me if I'd like to be part of it.  I figure I already play games with him and one of the others whos with him so I said why not.  I'm still going to be uploading stuff to mine.  But any multiplayer stuff I do with them will be over there.  I'll probably be much be much more energetic once Jed gets back online and can play again.  Whenever the new channel goes up, whatever name they pick for it, I'll slap the address up here.  Lord knows it'll be more entertaining then my rubbish.

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