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Thursday, August 8, 2013


There is something Jed and I both love and thats space games.  One of them being the X series.  Its just a massive space simulator with combat, trading, and building.  Like build your own damn space station to make your trading empire super awesome.  Theres a few in the X game series but they've been working on a new one called Rebirth which is pretty much a revamp of the entire game.  And today they released a new trailer.  The thing will be out in november too which is a big surprise as I expected it next year.

This is definitely one game Jed and I will be whoring ourselves in.  I cant promise any clips from it but I know Jed for sure will totally record stuff.  These sorts of games are so horribly immersive that you can play them for like 2-3months straight easily.

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