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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nintendos 2DS? Seriously?

Just noticed Nintendo's new brainstorm device.  The 2DS.  A butchered 3DS.  I really dont get it.  I mean I know nintendo have issues, mentally, as they dont actually do stuff most people want with their hardware.  Example, majority of people would like a second analogue stick on the 3DS.  Instead they give us this.  Lets just list whats stupid about it...

The thing is a large block.  You cant carry that around or put it in your pocket.  Forget it.  I dont care that they claim its aimed at kids.  How many young people can even hold that monster?  Removed 1 speaker so now its mono sound.  The excellent wifi switch on the side?  Oh no thats much too convenient.  Removed so you can adventure into the settings whenever you need it.  Screens completely unprotected.  I'll stick to my barely used 3DSXL.  This new unit is a joke.  It looks like a knock off from china.

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  1. I like the idea of a 2DS, but it would need GBA-like graphic quality (a.k.a. pixel art not being blurred) for me to want it. And a design that doesn't look like a seat for a telephone or something.