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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The ups and the downs

I got a text today from Jed.   While on his way to work his tyre exploded.  So he had to call in and say he couldnt make it, which means no money for him.  He also had to buy a tyre to replace the dead one.  Send him your love or your cheque book.  Also if you're willing to spend 5 grand on a kickstarter to meet the both of us and spend a week at disney world and cruise, feel free to  request this lololol.

I went to the doctors last week to get a blood test, mainly to shut my mum up whos been nagging into my ear incessantly for the past 3 years to check up on my cholesterol levels.  Last time I did in 5 years back I didnt see the results as she spoke to the doctor on the phone, cause you know, I shouldnt be told my own fucking results, and claimed I had a level of 6.  The average is 5.5..  Needless to say I didnt believe her or the hack doctor who she goes to that I was forced into at the time since hes greek and she can understand.  Anyway, went in and my current level is 5.6 which is perfect.  Sort of amazing really considering the amount of SHIT I eat on a constant basis.  But then again I always felt fine.  I havent even been able to exercise the past 6 months because of a few stupid things.  At least my latest 2 month  knee injury is coming to the end of its stupid period.  Knees always take forever.  Couple more weeks and I'll be exercising again happily.

Speaking of disney, I also decided to treat myself to a gift.  I technically cant afford it.  But I wanted it to cheer myself up a little after a a very sad period in my life.  Heres a picture.

I grew up on Hans Christian Anderson stories and little mermaid was a fave.  But I adore the disney version too since it came out when I was 14.  Love it love it.  Cant wait for the bluray in october.  But these two statues are the only things I've ever seen that I wanted as all the rest of the mermaid stuff were crap.  Unfortunately the bust on the left, the version they sent me didnt have the best paint job on the right eye.  Its sort of looking forward instead of to the side like the left eye so it looks a bit strange.  But I cant do anything about that all the way here in Australia so I'll make do.  But at least the one on the right is perfect and legendary.  All in all I'm very happy with them and thats a check mark off my life long ambitions of owning stuff from something I love done.  This is not their final resting place.  I have a spot on my shelf once I sort out a couple things.  In the meantime its Little Mermaid song listening time for me!

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  1. Nice to know someone else understands attention to detail. I won't buy figurines unless they have perfect (or near perfect) paint jobs, and eyes are one of the MAIN things to focus on.